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Screenshot of ELvis Balls game

Elvis Balls

Keep a number of balls from colliding while attempting to spot ELVIS amongst all the imposters. This game tests your ability to multi-task under increasingly stressful conditions as more balls are added and the speed increases.

Screenshot of Atoms game


My take on a classic puzzle game from the 90's. Combine randomly generated atoms into molecules without leaving any "orphan" atoms. A very simple concept which becomes much more difficult at higher levels when specific tasks are introduced.

Screenshot of Mr. Roboto game

Mr. Roboto

Mr. Roboto is a re-creation of an all-time favorite game from the 1980's. "Mr Robot and His Robot Factory" was a fantastic early platformer available for the Atari 800 computer. The graphics and sound were primitive by today's standards but were pretty cutting-edge at the time.

Screenshot of Mr. Roboto game


A slight twist on the classic word game Boggle™. When a word is created, its letters are removed from the grid, any letters above drop into their place and new letters fill in the spaces. Features multiple grid sizes, duration settings, scoring modes and a daily challenge.